• About

    During the summer of 2012, after the breakup of earlier bands like The Sacred Sailors, the projectile The Effecter was created. After a period of not finding the inspiration to write the brothers Christopher God (guitar) and Sebastian God (vocals and bas) soon found their way back.

    It did not take long before the friends Olle Hansson (guitar) and Elias Lundin (drums) joined and made the band complete. Together the singel Trouble in Mind was written and recorded in Grammofonstudion produced by Oskar Lindberg.

    2013 was filled with song writing and recording sessions. A lot of time have been spent in different recording studios in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

    With a fondness of 60ties and 70ties rock, garage and soul The Effecter is determined to create timeless music with a lot of soul. Accurate melodies and an unapologetic drive is the keywords for the record Far Away.

    Sebastian God: Vocals, Bass
    Christopher God: Guitar
    Olle Hansson: Guitar
    Elias Lundin: Drums